Past Public Programs

Public programs include free artist talks, panels, short film screenings, workshops, author talks, and exhibition walkthroughs. Programs are organized to coincide with the museum-curated exhibitions on view at Art + Practice.

For Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Kentifrica is a physical and theoretical place that blurs reality and fiction. It is a contested geography/continent for which the artist has been developing an educational and research platform over the past few years. The name is a combination of the geographies of Hinkle’s ancestral lands of Kentucky and parts of West Africa, and she considers herself to be a descendant of this place. By re-creating artifacts and sharing narratives and customs from her research archives, she is reconstructing a Kentifrican identity that invites a critical engagement with the intersections of collective and personal histories, diaspora, migration, immigration, cross-cultural exchange, and issues of geography and authority in relationship to knowledge production.

The Kentifrican proverb “Looking Where it Ain’t” serves as the basis for this performative lecture. Passed down to the artist by her great-great-uncle, the saying suggests that “things we are looking for can be found in the last place that we would expect them to be.” These places where we refuse to look are continually determined by our own biases and fidelity to constructions of historical “truth.” Through the embodiment of various voices and modes of address, Hinkle examines what happens to bodies in transit and how they are contextualized culturally and impacted by historically sanctioned dominant signifiers of race and culture.