Past Public Programs

Public programs include free artist talks, panels, short film screenings, workshops, author talks, and exhibition walkthroughs. Programs are organized to coincide with the museum-curated exhibitions on view at Art + Practice.

Textiles are the art of humanity, which has clothed us for centuries and represented us as both a human innovation and a basic necessity. Woven within fabric and clothing are the ways we communicate and represent ourselves to the world, our family and cultural histories, our experiences and who we aspire to be.

Discovering connections of memory and cultural identity, within this simple and abundantly common material, is integral to Smith’s process and these possibilities are what make fabric and clothing meaningful to her work conceptually.

The artist will discuss the role that fabric, clothing, and objects play within her collaged paintings and her bound sculptures. Delving into the psychology and motivations of Western consumption of fashion and objects Smith will give insight into her personal attachment to these materials and ideas.