A Tour through Space with LA Artist Glenn Kaino

One of LA’s most trusted creative minds takes us to his favorite collaborative and nurturing art spaces in the city.

What if The Geffen Playhouse granted you the opportunity to put on any show of your choosing in collaboration with your esteemed magician friend? Well, that’s exactly what happened to LA native and conceptual artist Glenn Kaino.

Created and performed by Derek Delgaudio (magician friend) and produced by Glenn, In & Of Itself is not a conventional magic show or even a play—it’s an interactive narrative experience that Derek has been working on for the better part of a decade. In other words, it’s psychological manipulation that we welcome with open arms. Trust us, you’ll walk out having just traveled through space and time, wide-eyed, mouth agape, believing in magic. Even David Blaine thinks the show is “changing the game.”

“A lot of that show is about the heterogeneous nature of what people think and how things are defined, so the nature of the show ‘in and of itself’ reflects a concept … see what I did there? It’s fun, really fun,” Glenn tells us.

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